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Old layouts for any of the many subsites that make up Shadows, including the old layout that was once the only layout. Alas, I have nothing below v.2 of the main site, not that they were anything to look at. Each link herein will go directly to a single page featuring a specific past layout.

Reflection | Version 1
Layout number one of my Sakuya Kumashiro shrine, Reflection. The second is better.
Oxymora! | Version 1
The first layout of my somewhat neglected blog. Didn't like the first layout or the second, but eh.
shadows v.2 | Children of the Night
This layout was the first real "layout," as all previous ones were merely a header image and ... well, not much else. It features two images of the immortal (Literally and figuratively) Arucard of the anime/manga Hellsing as its header and footer. It remains one of my very favorite layouts.
the beautiful world v.1 | world traveler
A number of firsts, this one possesses. Firstly (Har dee har har), the first layout of the overall Shadows version three redesign was this layout. Second, it was the first layout of the new scans section, the beautiful world, now renamed the beautiful world!. Kino no Tabi, or Kino's Journey, was the feature of it. I would have liked to make another KnT layout for its version two, but I did not have any suitable graphics to scan and transform. This may be my last layout making use of frames, that it may.