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News once appeared here. Now, all that remains is this message.

Welcome to Shadows
This site, Shadows, is dedicated to nothing in particular. Mostly, it is a place for me to put up just about whatever I want. The overall focus is on Japanese animation, or anime. Galleries are made of characters I like or feel are underrepresented on the internet and biographies are also posted of them, if I know enough to create one. I am also going to start scanning in images from Newtype USA and Megami magazine, as well as my few artbooks. The rest, well, you can browse and figure it out.

Now, the inevitable rules list. First off, any images on this site, unless explicitly stated, were created by me. Due to my wonderfully generous outlook, I give you, the visitor, full permission to do whatever you like with them. Use them in layouts, graphics, wallpapers, take a few for your own image galleries, I don't care, so long as you don't say that YOU are the creator of the images. You can take all my gallery images and use them for your own site, but what's the point? A website exists to display YOUR prowess, not tons of things that were the work of others. A link back, using one of the buttons on the linkage page, would be greatly appreciated if you use any of my pictures and/or information. If you let me know when you do link back, I will add your site to my links list. Lastly, and most importantly, do NOT direct link. For an explanation of what that means, see the FAQs page.

I do hope that you enjoy the site, and feel free to email me with any comments, questions, suggestions, death threats, et cetera, et cetera..


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