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Here shall lie the old page of adopted sprites (The small ones). I seem to have ceased adoption (With the exception of the Big Adoptions page. See bottom link.), so there was no need to keep these on an active page. However, I still cherish each little amalgamation of pixels, so they will remain here for the life of my domain, visible and accessible to all concerned. A little bonus to this is that one can now see the "Science Rules" above Mr. Nye. ^^x

Here is my collection of sprites, badges, and other kawaii things that I have adopted from all over the place. All are linked to their respective creators, and most have links in the Links section, so if you want one, click on it, or go to links, and start adopting! XD Some links may no longer work, as many of these were adopted back in 2003 or earlier, and many adoption sites have since closed. If I cannot find a site one is linked to (Either it closed or it moved and I cannot find the new one), then I will leave the link up as a mermorial.

Kawaii supAH! Mojo Jojo!  Go monkey, go! XD I'm a Capricorn!  Wheeeeee! Capricorn, that I am. Sesshomaru-sama! And where would Sesshomaru be without little Rin? ^_^ Sesshomaru-sama squared! ^^x Fluffy-sama! Naraku...the evil...MUWAHAHAHAHA! XD Inuyasha is heeeeere! Inuyasha, calmer. Inuyasha and Tetsusaiga! Tetsusiaga! Inuyasha! Sango, demon exterminator! Sango, ready to strike! Miroku, holy monk.  Well, maybe not holy. ^_- Cursed by Naraku, Miroku! Kagome Higurashi!  Sit, boy! XD Shippou so kawaii...^_^ Shippou kawaiiii... Even more kawaii, Kirara! (Kilala, prononciation-wise. ^_^) Kirara! Little Tsukasa!  Guardian, GO! Lady Suba! Sora! *Steals his katars* ^.^ Mimiru!  Big sword, tough girl. ^_^ Crim!  *Steals his weapon too* XD BT! Bear, wise and...uh old. ^_^ Tsukasa, wavemaster extraordinary! Lady Subara! Leader of the Crimson Knights, Lady Subaru! Subaru! RIM! Tsukasa! Sora! Himura Kenshin aka Hitokiri Battousai!  Hiten Mitsurugi style, Do-Ryu-Sen! The wandering swordsman, Himura Kenshin! Himura Kenshin! Saitou, former squad captian of the Shinsengumi! Hajime Saitou! Hajime Saitou, 3rd Squad Captain of the Shinsen Gumi! Shimomori Aoshi, Leader of the Oniwabanshu! Lord Aoshi, with both blades drawn! Shinomori Aoshi, during the revolution. Seijuro Hiko, the master! Sojirou Seta, the boy without emotions! The vampire of Hellsing, Arucard! Arucard, one of the original undead! Seras Victoria, police-girl turned vampire! Integra Hellsing! Vash Stampie! More Vash Stampie! Tomoyo aka Madison! Sakura in her swimmy suit! ^_^ Tomoyo in her swimmy suit! ^_^ Mei-lin in her swimmy suit! Li-kun in his swim trunks completes the beach quartet! Sakura! Sakura flyiiiiiiiiiiing! ^.^ Sakura, in her kimono! Sakura in my favorite of her costumes! ^.^ Kinomoto Sakura! Syaoran Li! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! *Fangirl-like squeal* Mei-lin, á la ceremonial robes! Sakura, again in my favorite costume.  Makes me so giddy. ^.^ Yue! Schoolgirl Sakura! Fairy Sakura! Mei-lin! SAKURA! Sakura in my favorite outfit, yet again!  ^.^ Daidouji Tomoyo! Mumm-ra! Ami! Lita at 'da beach! Hotaru at 'da beach! Ami at 'da beach! Sailor Saturn! Kiyone, Tokimeki Memorial Style! Sasami, Tokimeki Memorial Style! Mihoshi, Tokimeki Memorial Style! Pretty Sammy! Washu, genius scientist, or insane maniac?  You decide! XD Ryoko, Space Pirate! Mihoshi, bubblehead extraordinare! 1st Princess of Jurai, Ayeka! Kiyone, Galaxy Police Detective! Cabbit Sasami! Perfect Soldier, Heero Yuy! Falkor, the Luck Dragon! Jack Skellington! The Shadoweaver from She-ra! Dark Chii! Chii! Chii!  Kawaii... Deedlit! Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the 4th! (Yes, I had to look that up. XD) Asuka! Rei! Kurama, reborn Kitsune! Yue, Yukito, TRANSFORM! Sesshomaru-sama, Fukai Mori style! ^_^ Quatre, musician supreme! SLAP! ^_^ THWOCK!  ^_^ Tetsusiaga! Heero! Science Rules! ^_^ Heero! R. Dorothy! Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Priest and Gung-ho Gun! SD Wolfwood! SD Vash and Kuroneko-sama! SD Legato! Legato Bluesummers! Millions Knives, Vash's psychotic brother! Brilliant Dynamites Neon, honorable villain! I adopted some Kiznas! ^.^  This is the first of the pair. This is the second Kizna I adopted. ^-^

Sprites I requested:
Sesshomaru!  (I really like this one 'cause I requested it! ^_^) Sesshomaru, with armour.
These two sprites © Kristian L

Big Adoptions (Dimension-wise)