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Welcome to Quiescence, the final resting place for those elements of my collective "website" that have either outlived their usefulness or no longer have a place in my site while still retaining some value. The Free Dictionary describes "quiescence" as "Being quiet, still, or at rest; inactive." Being that the elements enshrined here within lie dormant, it seemed a fitting title. The layout features one of my favorite images from the 2006 Howl's Moving Castle calendar as its header with part of another image from that same calendar as its footer. Both images were scanned by me, shaped to their present form in Adobe Photoshop CS2, and arranged (Along with the rest of the layout) in Macromedia (Now Adobe) Dreamweaver 8. Some elements of the site (Older content, mostly) were created in or saw some editing by the following products: Microsoft Frontpage 2002, Adobe Photoshop CS, Notepad, and Macromedia (Now Adobe) Dreamweaver MX. The font used for the link buttons and the header title was Farewell while the font used in the footer was festus!. This site requires a resolution of 800x600 or greater and support for CSS. While updates will be few at this site, they are listed below (More for my purposes than yours). If you're looking for activity, head back to the hub of my collective, linked below. If you like this or any other of my sites (Or if you have any sort of comment, positive or negative) head on over to the collective guestbook and give it a sign.

April 14, 2007 | Layout number one of Reflection has been added to the Past Layouts section.

March 10, 2007 | The first layout of Oxymora! has been added to the Past Layouts section, with the new version two replacing it.

January 15, 2007 | The original layout of the beautiful world!, my scans page, has been added to the Past Layouts section, as version two of TBW is now up.

August 28, 2006 | Update on the Big Adoptions page. I requested a GIF from Blue Mana of Angel Flower Anime featuring my favorite anime girl, Sakuya Kumashiro, from my favorite picture of her. It is, to say the least, spectacular, and has replaced Vash on that page (Sorry Vash, but I don't love ya that much. XD).

August 23, 2006 | Update on the Big Adoptions page. The GIF from Angel Flower Anime of Belldandy has been exchanged with a newer one: Youko Kurama. Have a look, no?

August 8th, 2006 | Site opened. Layout created and checked. Content shifted from old Shadows v.2 layout. Screenshot Galleries, Adoptions, and Biographies added. v.2 Shadows layout added to Past Layouts.