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The Nicholas D. Wolfwood biography.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Name: Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Series: Trigun

Other Names/Titles: Mister Priest

Age: Probably in thirties, absolute age unsure

Weapons: Punisher cross (Contains missile launchers, machine gun, a large number of pistols)

Info: The mysterious clergyman, originally sent by Millions Knives to watch Vash, Wolfwood eventually befriends Vash. A priest in appearance and, judging by the mini-confessional booth he carries around (God knows where.), by training as well. Trained by Chapel Evergreen, Gung-ho Gun, he eventually became a Gung-Ho Gun himself, but then was killed by Chapel Evergreen, who was being controlled by Legato. He was in love with Millie Thompson, and it is nearly 100% certain that she carried his child by the end of the series. He was nearly Vash's equal when it came to skill with a gun, but was different from Vash in that he did kill. A companion to Vash and co. throughout most of Trigun, he helped save everyone's hide more than once. Only a servant of Knives because he was being blackmailed, Wolfwood still stayed true to his values to the very end, and deserted Knives, dying for it. Need more info? Well, GO WATCH TRIGUN! XD