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The Sesshoumaru-sama biography.

Name: Sesshomaru, Sessho-maru (Manga)

Series: Inuyasha

Other Names/Titles: Fluffy, Demon Lord of the Western Lands

Age: Outwardly appears to be in his twenties, but is really much older. Some estimates put him at 70.

Race: Full Demon

Unique Attacks: Poison Claw, Energy Whip, His Tail (The big fluffy thing draped over his shoulder.), Poisonous Breath (Transformed), Poisonous Saliva (Transformed), Tokijin

Info: Sibling of Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is a full demon, unlike his half-breed brother. Sesshomaru, or Fluffy as he is affectionately called by his fans, is an extremely powerful demon, although not as strong as his father (but hey, how many beings were? Not too many, I'll tell you that much), but still much stronger than his half-demon brother, Inuyasha, and most other demons in the series. Sesshomaru also possesses the ability to transform into a VERY large demon, his purest form. In this form, he has even more power than his already formidable human-like form, but this transformation occurs only once in the show, although it seemed to have started several times, but was always stopped by Sesshomaru or some other force. Perhaps because Inuyasha chopped his arm off while in that form, so the creators thought it would look funny to see him three legged. ^_^

In the beginning of the series, Sesshomaru battles with Inuyasha often in order to steal the great sword, Tetsusiaga, forged from a fang belonging to their father and given to Inuyasha by their father. Sesshomaru received a sword of his own from their father, the Tenseiga, also forged from a fang belonging to their father. However, unlike the Tetsusiaga, which possessed incredible destructive power and was capable of slaying 100 demons in a single sweep, the Tensaiga could not kill or cut. It was a sword of life, and was capable of reviving 100 slain beings in a single sweep.

This was useless to Sesshomaru, who's nature precluded him from being so kind as to use it, although this later changed. But, the sword is important to Sesshomaru, even though he does not likely know it. When struck by the full power of Tetsusiaga, the Tenseiga protected Sesshomaru and saved his life, and would continue to do so. In this way, their father was quite clever. Inuyasha couldn't kill Sesshomaru because of Tenseiga, but Sesshomaru couldn't kill Inuyasha because of the power of Tetsusiaga. However, Sesshomaru later acquires another sword that equals the power of Tetsusaiga, the great sword Tokijin, and ceases to care too much about Inuyasha. He did once get control of the Tetsusiaga through a brief partnership with Naraku, but it didn't last.

Accompanying Sesshomaru is his ever faithful familiar (sorta like a knight's page), Jaken. Jaken has dedicated his life to Sesshomaru, after being quasi-saved by him (More awed by him than saved). He tries his best to assist him at all times, even while Sesshomaru seems to show no affection for him whatsoever. The only other companion of Sesshomaru is Rin, a young human girl revived by the Tenseiga. She is the one person Sesshomaru seems to care about at all, and even that is small. Jaken is often stuck as babysitter. ^_^ Sesshomaru may not have a completely cold heart after all, with Rin as an example and later even Inuyasha, whom he helps when Inuyasha's demon side takes control of him. Perhaps he is not quite the cold hearted demon we all thought he was......but, he is still badass all the w

I know this is a somewhat lacking bio, but if I put a full one down, it'd take up 20 pages and I don't want to type 20 pages so I'll leave the simple version here as is, unless I have forgotten something really important, in which case, please let me know, okie? ^.^