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The Legato Bluesummers biography.

Legato Bluesummers
Name: Legato Bluesummers

Series: Trigun

Other Names/Titles: Leader of the Gung-Ho Guns, Millions Knives' right-hand man

Age: Likely in late twenties, not extremely long lived like Vash and Knives

Race: Human

Weapons: Telepathy, Extremely strong telekinetic powers, some say he too possesses an Angel Arm, although it is never shown in the series, manga or anime

Info: Leader of the Gung-Ho Guns, and the only person Vash ever deliberately killed, Legato is a very important character, especially to the anime. A very calm person, he is totally loyal to Millions Knives, and sort of fills the void left by Vash when he deserted his brother after realizing his evil desires. He adopted Knives' ideas and believes that all of humanity, including himself, must die. He wields amazing telekinetic and telepathic powers, and is was capable of manipulating the minds of entire towns, and even causing Vash to fire his Angel Arm. This is possibly because he was the one who installed the Angel Arm on Vash, and in fact, he possesses the arm Vash lost to Knives. Creepy, no? He killed many people throughout the show, and brought about the deaths of many more through the Gung-Ho Guns. His sole goal, given to him by Knives was, in his own words, that "Vash the Stampede will experience eternal pain and suffering." He set the GHG (Gung-Ho Guns) upon Vash, and personally tormented him several times. Eventually, he forced Nicholas D. Wolfwood's own teacher, Chapel Evergreen, also a GHG, to kill him, after Wolfwood failed to kill Vash and instead sided with him. He was responsible for the 5th Moon Incident, where Vash's Angel Arm put a crater in the 5th Moon, and nearly caused him to use it again later. In his final confrontation with Vash, he took control of several villagers, and had them threaten Millie and Meryl, telling Vash that he could only save them by killing him. Vash, left with no other choice, was forced to kill Legato, thereby fufilling Legato's greatest wish, to die for his master while causing Vash "eternal pain and suffering" for having had to kill a person, breaking his vow to Rem. A dark and very psychotic person, nonetheless, he is a very cool character, and one of my faves.