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The Hail il palazzo!...*cough* the Il Palazzo biography.

il Palazzo
Name: il Palazzo, ilpalazzo, Il Palazzo, ilPalazzo

Series: Excel Saga

Other Names/Titles: Lord il Palazzo, Supreme Leader of ACROSS

Age: Probably in thirties, absolute age unsure

Info: The supreme leader of the secret organization ACROSS, il Palazzo is set to someday take over the world, but is practicing for that by taking over the city of F, in the prefecture of F. He is a regal man, and carries himself with the air of an emperor. He has several followers: Excel Excel, his first recruit, Hyatt, the space girl, and Menchi, the puppy. Together, they are the entire organization of ACROSS, and each day il Palazzo hatches a new plan, which his faithful servants do their best to complete, but always end up failing. He doesn't seem to realize that ACROSS consists of two unpaid teenage interns and a puppy, but whether that is due to the fact that he is too dignified to admit it or that he is insane, well, you be the judge. HAIL IL PALAZZO!!!